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Arts Market Leslieville
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Wed to Fri 12pm to 6pm
Sat and Sun 11am to 6pm
790 Queen Street East
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M4M 1H4

Mon to Tues 12pm to 5pm
Wed to Fri 12pm to 6pm
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College at Ossington
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Mon and Tues 12pm to 5pm
Wed to Fri 12pm to 7pm
Sat and Sun 11am to 7pm

Traveling Arts Market

Did you know Arts Market can come to your offsite event? Many companies are adding a retail element to their event or festival, and we offer a uniquely handmade option!

As an artistic entrepreneur, you know how challenging it can be to gain exposure. Alongside displaying your artwork in one of our three locations, Arts Market offers a program called the Traveling Arts Market to help your work get seen.

Here’s how it works. We send you and your fellow Arts Market vendors to various venues—cafes, bars, BIA-run neighbourhood events, music festivals, offices, and home parties—to set up shop and sell throughout the day. It’s an economical option and another avenue for your work to be seen and appreciated!


If you would like to hire the Traveling Arts Market here are some key points:

This is a FREE service!
With over 175 vendors at the Arts Market, we have a large social network.
We come fully equipped with tables, chairs, and fixtures.
Looking for something specific? Maybe one of our artists does it!
This is a great way to support local makers, artistic entrepreneurs and creative souls
After your guests love what they see, they can visit us at one of our three locations
Spark creativity in your guests; maybe an artist is looking to show their work – if so, we rent space!!

Some past events include:

The Ossington
Bloor Ossington Folk Festival
The Canadian Stage Theater Company – Intermission
Junction BIA – Santa in the Junction

Get Started Today

For more information please Email Stephanie Ward – Market Manager at or call 647-346-2787 for more info!  We look forward to ‘Traveling’ to you!