790 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H4

11am to 6pm

The Junction

2978 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6P 1Z3

11am to 6pm

Arts Market Blog

The Border Vintage

The Border Vintage  Filled with an array of things that range from WWII trench art to more modern vintage items, The Border Vintage is beautifully laid out...

MzMeenie Studios

Ameena Siddique has been offering freelance animation services under the moniker MzMeenie Studios since 2011. In March of 2019 she expanded her business to include a...

Llama Yama Designs

Vending with Arts Market since the summer of 2018, Llama Yama Designs is a Toronto family-owned business that sells screen-printed shirts, wood panels and masks. Llama Yama’s...

Arts Market: Story Until Now

In 2011, Daniel Cohen opened the first Arts Market location in the Leslieville neighborhood. It was his ambition to help artistic entrepreneurs follow their passions with...

Making 200 masks : love in a time of covid-19

At this point, I've made over 200 non-surgical cotton face masks...

Crafting for an amazing cause!

Hello my name is Gianna Seca! I began creating jewellery in 2012 when a friend had asked me if I could create a design to raise money...

The Wealth of Objects!

I'm feeling very fortunate to be able to continue my creative process in my home workshop during a time when many workers are deeply affected by...

On falling in love with Genzah Handmade Watercolours

Last year I made a friend I’ll keep for life. His name is Ryan Zimmermann. We met through paint. He makes paint and I, well, paint. He’d seen...

Working with Gesso!

Acrylics are a fun and fairly easy type of paint to work with, but knowing how to properly prepare your canvas can be very important to your final...

Self love is key this year!

Coming off of the holidays and getting back into your regular schedule can be tough. With new year's resolutions on-the-go and work or school back in...